about ltd law firm

When it comes to disability claims, an injury lawyer in Richmond Hill is ready to help. Accidents and injuries open up a whole new world for you to navigate, one that can be extremely overwhelming. Having someone fighting in your corner can make all the difference when dealing with insurance companies and financial burdens, as well as focusing your energy on recovery and rehabilitation.


Our Mission

The tenets of RIchmond Hill Law Firm are tenacity, honesty, sincerity, and discretion. We are a group of dedicated individuals driven by a desire for justice and the resolution of our clients’ problems. We offer tailored legal solutions that are always in the best interests of our clients.

Our Values

We believe that when people work together, life-changing events occur.

We can make a life-changing difference for the clients we serve by working together, mentoring, uplifting, and becoming involved in the communities we serve.

“We are extremely grateful to have had the services of a Richmond Hill disability lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer who went above and beyond to obtain a fair settlement for my family. This law firm is caring and organized, and they are always available to answer questions. We wish you all the best in your careers and give them 5 stars.”

Kate Backensale